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:. I'm a player, baby

My parents forced me to learn piano when I was a kid. I always loved playing, I just didn't like practicing, especially upon mandated schedule. I guess it's that way with everything in life. After playing for several years, I stopped taking lessons. I can still read music (though I'm much slower at it now) and play some songs that I like and decided to learn on my own. Being in college, I didn't find the time to go home and practice on my own. When I am home, I play on our Packard baby grand, on the left

:. Listening (the playlist)

I'm a bit of an audiophile and my playlist of music is a bit out of control. I've taken courses focusing on analog electronics and audio engineering to learn more about the accurate reproduction of sounds and to appreciate the work that goes into speaker and audio amplifier design more. I listen to everything from classical music to underground hip-hop -- from bluegrass to alternative rock. While it's unlikely this is up-to-date, my current playlist as of the time of this writing can be found here.