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My name is Shane Connelly and I am now a San Francisco, CA resident working for a software company in the financial district. Before SF, I lived in Atlanta, GA. And before Atlanta was Canton, OH. I am a Buckeyes fan and a Yellow Jackets fan, a Cavs fan, an Indians fan, and a Browns fan (even though Cleveland makes it pretty difficult to get excited and cheer for their sports teams).

:. Education

I graduated magna cum laude in December 2007 after 4 and a half years in electrical engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology. Almost as significant as the formal education was my time spent as an undergraduate brother of the Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity. I designed, set up, and programmed our chapter's website, which looks a bit better than this one.

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I have a wide variety of interests, and I'm always willing to try something new. First and foremost, I enjoy designing and building things, which probably had a significant part to do with choosing my major as well as the projects section you see on this website. However a few other of my hobbies and interests include soccer, tennis, music (I play a little piano & drum set), travel, and computers and programming. Oh, and I guess you consider beer a legitimate hobby of mine, as I have been brewing my own for over a year.

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You can contact me via the following methods:
1. AIM: eskibars
2. Electronic Mailing: I removed my full e-mail address to prevent spam bots from collecting, but you can contact me by e-mailing shane at <this domain>.com