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I design pretty much every one of my programs as very small, installationless programs. This keeps the simplicity high. Most of them rely little, if at all, on registry, keeping your computer clean and potential for error low. I tend to focus on functionality more than the user interface, since most UI additions only slow things down.

NameDescriptionCreation DateDownloadSize
Process ViewerA simple process viewer / window modifier I wrote in high school. Allows you to close windows, change their titles, resize them, etc, even if those windows don't allow you those commands by default.Spring 2001File #1
Whoa!Program I made in high school as an April Fools joke. Hides the start bar until you logout/restart your computer.Spring 2001File #1
Text ReverserExtremely simple program to reverse text on the flySpring 2002File #1
Really Cheap AlarmThe cheapest countdown timer program ever imagined. Another 30 minute high school creation of mine.Spring 2002File #1
Alarmski v1A simple MP3/WMA alarm clock program. I decided to teach myself C# and this was my first project. This allows user-selectable days.Fall 2007File #1
Alarmski v2A more advanced alarm clock which allows an unlimited number of alarms on user-selectable days. The program can play music or use text-to-speech synthesis to alert the time, weather, and more.Spring 2008File #1
SeeTheInternetRandomly or not so randomly downloads images from the web and creates a virtual collage of web images as your screensaver.Spring 2008File #1
Mime Upload ExploiterLots of people use the mime-type property of an upload to determine if it should be allowed. This is especially common with people who allow image uploads. This is a proof of concept exploiter.Spring 2008File #1
MP3 SecretaryRandomly chooses music from your collection to load onto your MP3 player automatically at a schedule.Summer 2008File #1