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Summer 2010
Perl module for interacting with the Lending Club site
1: LendingClub.zip

:. Project / LendingClub Perl Module

This is the API I've created to interface to the lendingclub.com website.

SVN is available at http://svn.eskibars.com/lendingclubapi/

Documentation available here (pardon the brevity)

Note: Before using this, please carefully read the LendingClub Terms of Use to ensure that anything you use it for falls in line. I will not be responsible for your inappropriate usage of this module: it is your responsibility to make sure that any of your programs that use it adhere to the terms of use.


use strict;
use LendingClub;

my $lc = LendingClub->new( { username => 'email@domain.com', password => 'p4ssw0rd', debug => 1, noproxy => 1 } );
my %stats = $lc->get_account_statistics(); #return information about my account to a hash
my @invested_notes = $lc->get_invested_notes();
my @available_notes = $lc->get_available_notes();
my %note = $lc->get_note_data(12345); #return basic information about this note as a hash

#get some information about the area that this member is from
my $citystate = $note{'member'}->{'location'}->{'value'}; #pull out the "location" (city, state) of the member
my $location_info = $lc->get_location_info($citystate);
my $avg_housing = $location_info->{'housing'}[0]->{'value'}[0]->{'median_dollars'}[0]->{'content'};
my $avg_income = $location_info->{'economy'}[0]->{'income'}[0]->{'median_household_income_dollars'}[0]->{'content'};