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NameDescriptionCreation DateDownloadSize
My Original CantennaCan + Antenna = Cantenna. This is for Wi-Fi (802.11) frequencies (2.4GHz). [Technically speaking, this is an antenna + waveguide]Spring 2003N/AN/A
Wireless Dog FenceSimple way to modify a wireless dog fence to (NOT THE UNDERGROUND WIRED TYPE) to change the containment area.Spring 2005N/AN/A
A Revised CantennaA revised 802.11 antenna. Has a higher SNR and a better sized waveguide by using a Pirouette cookie can. This is a full instruction on how to build the cantenna.Spring 2005N/AN/A
AlteraBot Self-TestA self-test written in assembly for the AlteraBot and the User's manual we wrote for itSpring 2005File #1
File #2
The ArmCamBracket mounted / servo controlled webcam I set up and wrote control software for. Similar to the X10 camera system.Summer 2005File #1
File #2
Signal LocatorI wrote a program to graph signal strengths across a 320 degree sweep, using a directional antenna and a servo.Summer 2005File #1
Motor Tower3.3V motor powered via the parallel port of my computer to raise a flag on my PC whenever I received an e-mail. This was my first attempt at using parallel port programmingSummer 2005N/AN/A
Internet-Aware ThermometerI created a digital thermometer using some thermistors, A/D circuit, and some software that uploaded the current temperature for online graphing/monitoring.Fall 2006N/AN/A
The Mind MolestorMy recreation of the Mind Molestor product using all-analog circuitry.Spring 2006N/AN/A
Embedded Microcontroller ProjectsA number of projects we demonstrated for microcontroller code in assembly and C, mostly on a PIC18F450.Spring 2006N/AN/A
Foosball Playing RobotMy senior design project at Georgia Tech: The Autonomous Foosball Table. This has had quite a bit of e-press.Fall 2007File #1
File #2
File #3